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Trese Season 1 Ending Explained

Finally finished Netflix’s Trese but didn’t get exactly what happened at the end? Here’s a Trese Season 1 Ending Explained post to help you get a better grasp of what the hell happened!

Before we proceed, I’d like to put in a SPOILER ALERT

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So in the last episode of this season (episode 6) we find the good guys battling the returned Datu Talabusao, the god of war who almost destroyed the world decades ago. And now he has returned and made sure that he won’t lose this time or get banished as seen in a flashback a few episodes prior.

Trese is hit with a major speed bump when Talagbusao gains control of the minds of his sons, the “Warchild” aka The Kambal who have been working with the Trese family ever since the initial fight with Talagbusao which resulted in the death of Crispin and Basilio’s mother. With Trese incapacitated, Talagbusao tells the secret story of Trese and the prophecy surrounding her and her deceased twin who has been turned into the weapon she carries called Sinag; or at least his version of it where he paints Anton Trese as this manipulative bastard who sacrificed his own child to stop the impending death and destuction from happening.

Talagbusao also reveals that the fifth and sixth child is a prophecy about the end of the world. That Sinag Trese, the fifth child was supposed to subdue the world while Alexandra, the sixth child, will be the one responsible judging it.

Captain Guerrero uses the villain monologue to send an RPG towards Talagbusao barely injuring the wargod. In that same confrontation, the elderly police officer is killed, his neck snapped.

Talagbusao then cuts a piece of his flesh with the intention of feeding it to Trese but she gets her inner strength back breaking the Kambal’s hold on her and snapping them back to their senses. Trese and the Kambal continue their attack on Talagbusao with Trese taking dragon’s blood and the Kambal successfully mowing off the wargod’s hand with Sinag.

Trese uses the portal spell to bring her and Talagbusao to the game world that was the game that their ghost contact and tech expert Jobert was playing. This ensures that Talagbusao is trapped forever and will never be able to get back to the mortal realm; its a game and it does not have a real connection to this plane of existence.

Trese then escapes the portal and ends up in the Great Balete tree where she did her trials; the same place Anton Trese died in a battle to protect the tree and Alexandra inside. The episode ends with Alexandra saying she’s home.

What does this mean for the story?

Taking care of Talagbusao meant that the threat of armaggedon has been pushed back. She knows that there are other forces at work that could do the same thing. Moving forward, Trese now needs to get the accords back with the various aswangs and other entities breaking their alliance and returning to their tribal nature. This would make things messier as these creatures would eventually cross paths with each other and people could be caught in the crossfire.

So there we go. That’s the whole Trese Season 1 Ending Explained post for you. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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