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Avengers # 11 – Thor and She-Hulk’s First Date

Wanna see Avengers date? Wanna see them look awkward while doing this? Here’s a look at this exact moment from Avengers # 11.

So in the past, particularly in the first story arc, we see She-Hulk kissing Thor in a critical moment in Asgard as they look for a way to beat the final host.

In the interim issue where they build up the new HQ, the Avengers Mountain, we see Thor sheepishly ask for a private moment with She-Hulk.

Now it looks like they want to push whatever they have to a new level. The god of thunder brings his date to the Savage Land, with the intention of having a romantic date. Only problem is that he brought along Jennifer Walters and not She-Hulk.

It doesnt go well at first, with Walters determining that ths was a bad idea to begin with.

Thor then goes on and wax poetry for his feelings for both She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters.

Thor and She Hulk on a date

Arter this rather touching monologue from the less than subtle Thor, we see She-Hulk reemerge and kiss the Asgardian.

Thor and Shulk kiss

Not my current ship but I really want to see what happens and what Jason Aaron wants to do with this plot he’s developing.

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