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How Doctor Doom joined the Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy #14 Spoilers)

Here’s How Doctor Doom joined the Guardians of the Galaxy as revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy #14 by Al Ewing!

Before we proceed, Spoiler alert for Guardians of the Galaxy # 14 by Al Ewing and Juan Fregeri.

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Ever since the new team was announced, there was a bit of interest as to how a character like Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom wound up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and it turns out, it was his own hubris that got him to join the GOTG.

In issue 14 of the current volume, Doom turns up to steal Emperor Hulkling’s “Sword of Space” for him to use another impending Annihilation Wave coming, which is going to be a new story arc down the road called the Last Annihilation also by Ewing.

He attacks the Guardians when they least expect him and single-handedly. The book opens with Doom looking like he got the win and the sword too. He fails to hold on to it though as the sword is only loyal to Hulkling.

When he failed to get the “Sword of Space”, he uses his magic to swap bodies with Hulkling…

…before attempting to murder his husband, Wiccan.

Which also backfires because the sword knows who is its enemy and who is a friend.


Peter Quill and Nova’s team had a hell of a time taking down Doom which shows how strong the Fantastic Four villain is but the day is saved thanks to quick thinking by Moondragon.

Quill and the rest of the team another body swap between Doom and Hulkling and during the process, Moondragon interferes with the soul transfer messing up Doom’s process.

When they gain consciousness, Doom is suddenly surprised to find himself in the body of Rocket Raccoon!

Quill knows that Doom does not want to be embarassed because he went back on his word and he uses that to his advantage.


So its inferred that Doctor Doom will be getting his body back off-panel but they did strike an alliance between Doom and the rest of the Guardians, effectively turning him into a member of the Guardians.

So that’s how Doctor Doom joined the Guardians of the Galaxy? Will you be picking up the book with this expansive roster? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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