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Outlawed # 1 Spoilers – It’s Civil War All Over Again

It’s Civil War all over again in Marvel’s new book Outlawed by Eve Ewing and Kim Jacinto. Here are Outlawed # 1 spoilers.

Spoiler Alert!

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So it looks like its Civil War all over again but instead of the New Warriors making a big fuss which caused injuries and possibly death to kids, its the Champions.

It starts with an important convention where the Champions promise to protect the speaker, a prominent teenager, who Kamala Khan also follows and grows fond of. Outside, the Champions get a big fight with an energy dragon.

The fight becomes too dangerous with one of the Champions’ heavy hitters, Viv Vision, needing to step up and absorb the energy dragon’s powers.

The results are catastrophic and the team of teenage superheroes have to make a big decision on the fly. Ironheart aka Riri Williams and Sam Alexander aka Nova make a move to diffuse the wild energy that Viv Vision and the dragon was creating. The explosion levels the youth summit where Miles Morales and Kamala were attending in.

Kamala, in her civilian identity, protects her mark and gets super injured along the way.

The issue ends with the government creating a new branch to enforce the regulation of teen superheroes called C.R.A.D.L.E. and they enact that same law is called “Kamala’s Law”. We also find out that Kamala is critically injured after protecting Ailana.

So yeah, its a rehash of Civil War. Hopefully though, we don’t have too many plotlines that readers wade through. What we don’t have though is the main conflict and the main antagonists. Hopefully, we get to see them next issue.

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