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Daken and Omega Red Attack Wolverine -Return of Wolverine # 2

Still chronicling the main stuff for the Return of Wolverine, it seems like the nefarious Persephone has dipped their fingers into anything and everything Wolverine. Not only have they revived the feral mutant, they also found a way to fully control family and enemies from his past like Omega Red and Daken.

In Return of Wolverine # 2, Wolverine and Ana try to catch the boat that kidnapped Ana’s son. They are left behind and the boat sends two assassins to dispatch Wolverine ASAP.

It’s pretty obvious too that this is Daken because X-23 is currently running along with the X-Men red team. Anyway, Wolverine’s current companion/ love interest takes care of Omega Red with a harpoon to the head. Unfortunately there was only one harpoon.

At least it did even the odds.

During their clash, Wolverine senses something about his enemy and as readers, we know exactly what’s going on and who he’s fighting against. It’s Wolverine’s own son, the same son he killed at the end of Rick Remender’s run on Uncanny X-Force and the same Daken that became a member of the Horsement of the Apocalypse during the first volume of Uncanny Avengers.

This issue also brings back the concept of jailed entities and personas that Wolverine has to unlock. In this issue, he was about to unlock Daken from his memories together with the berserker.

Of course this won’t be Return of Wolverine # 2 without a reveal of those silly burning claws. They have a purpose this time and that is to burn his son before he can cause other serious damages.

The two continue on their way, leaving both Daken and Omega Red.

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