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5 Things to Like About the House of X & Powers of X Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble has released a new update for their hit game Future Fight and this time we are getting a House of X Marvel Future Fight.

If you haven’t downloaded the game, you’re missing a lot. Definitely do get the game please. Check out the trailer below:

So anyway, here are the five things we totally like about the new update for Marvel Future Fight featuring the X-Men story arc House of X and Powers of X.

1. New uniforms and skills for Wolverine, Magneto, Jean Grey and Sentinel.

Sentinel has a new costume featuring Nimrod


2. New characterss are added and they are baddies including Mr Sinister and Mystique.

Future Fight adds Charles Xavier


3. SHIELD Academy Tutorial gets new stuff

I’m still bummed about how they revamped the game’s story mode and locked it to just three characters but at least they greatly improved the user experience when it comes to the SHIELD Academy missions. The rewards look to be better compared to the last update/patch so this could mean that you could get those important items and consumables. So if you need more crystals and biometrics then this is where you need to focus on.

4. Squad Battles

Today’s update also introduces ‘Squad Battle’ to MARVEL Future Fight. Squad Battle is a new game mode where players compete with other Agents with obtained battle scores by forming teams of Super Heroes that meet specific conditions. Players are divided into six leagues where they must compete against each other for access to higher leagues. Every week, leagues are re-established and promotions, sustainment, and demotions are determined by ranks within each league.

5. New characters and their potential

Not only did they introduce the House of X / Powers of X Professor X in this new update, they’ve also given players a goal to strive for (or where they could spend their money) and that is making this character hit Tier-3.

The other new characters will also get some fancy stuff as well to make them more appealing to Future Fight players new and old. Mystique will feature an ‘Awaken Potential’ feature while ‘Realize Potential’ will be available for all three new characters including Mister Sinister!

Download Future Fight today and see all the House of X updates for yourself and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more X-Men news and updates!

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