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FIRST LOOK: Masterverse action figures from Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelation

We got some neat but blurry and lo-res photos for the upcoming Masterverse action figures from Mattel also dubbed “The Evolution of He-Man” from Mattel; the first wave of course will be based on the upcoming Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelation from Kevin Smith.

They’ve already released images of the action figures out of the package but this is the first time we’ve seen them inside the packaging. We also get to see Moss Man and alas no Battle Cat.

Check out the Masterverse: Evolution of He-Man figures from Mattel below.


Masterverse He-Man


Masterverse Skeletor

Masterverse Skeletor


Moss Man

Not really a big fan of the other side characters from the franchise so I immediately default to the really popular ones like He-Man and Skeletor and Evil-Lyn and Man-at-Arms. Very rare do I actually care about the other MOTU characters. But hey, it looks like this new Masterverse line could change everything.

They also are not doing a Collect-N-Connect thing like what they did when Mattel was still producing DC toys i.e. Wonder Woman and Justice League. Could have done that for Battlecat though.


Meanwhile, Kevin Smith recently commented on his podcast that a Masters of Universe: Revelation release date is coming soon. That’s months after his last statement about the Netflix-bound project. We will however be getting a prequel via a comic book miniseries to be released by Dark Horse Comics!

We still know that Chris Wood will be playing He-Man for Masters of the Universe: Revelation while Mark Hamill will be voicing Skeletor for the new series which is also a continuation of the TV series decades ago with characters moving forward with their status quo with Teela looking like she’ll be taking over her mother’s role as the Sorceress.

What do you think of the new Masterverse: Evolution of He-Man action figures from Mattel? Cop or Drop? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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