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Metaverse game Stardust goes on soft-launch

I got invited to learn more about this promising new Metaverse game called Stardust which is now on soft-launch with an official launch date coming December 2022.

Stardust is a virtual worl which promises to extend to the real world in various forms. So basically your avatar can go through different parts of this “new manila” that’s completely set in the Metaverse and you get to explore and visit a ton of places and even spend currence for services you can get in the real world. 

So think of an RPG only its an extension of yourself and as you go through the game and go on all sorts of missions, you start earning money which you can use to say buy digital music or digital art or NFTs that are available in stores in the metaverse. But the good thing here is there are a lot of things to do so its not going to be like that popular game from last year that no one touches these days. 



What does it entail? 

The game is set in 2000 sqm virtual land and features different terrains in a star-shaped island in the Metaverse. There will be regions in various areas which in turn will be run by mayors. 

Where is Stardust right now?

Where do the developers plan to bring the game in the future?

And now some photos from the signing with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines with the different partners working to build the game.

To learn more or try out Stardust Metaverse, visit the website – https://thestardust.life/

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