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Best Moments from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

As Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series came to a close this week, let us honor that show with a look at the best moments from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Be warned though, we are going on full spoiler mode here. So Spoiler Alert.

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Sam Turns over the shield

In a surprise twist in the first episode, we find out that Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson didn’t feel like he was a worthy successor to Captain America’s shield and legacy so he ends up donating it to the Smithsonian. Something fans resent him for. But this was the whole point of the series, persuading Sam to take up Steve Rogers’ legacy after seeing first hand what it would be like for other less worthy individuals to take the name and the icon.

The US introduces the New Captain America

the falcon and the winter soldier new captain america john walker

Episode 1 ends with the showstopping reveal that the US government took the shield and made a new Captain America in the form of Wyatt Russell’s John F. Walker. And while we’ve already seen set photos of Russell in his Cap uniform, the cinematography made it in such a way that people would actually despise and reject this substitute Captain America!

Big Three

Trailer Truck fight

The whole fight on top a moving trailer truck was also one amazing scene. You probably need to watch this twice or thrice to fully appreciate how good the visuals are for the scene and also paints a clear picture of how strong the Flag Smashers are.

The Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley

carl lumbly isaiah bradley falcon and the winter soldier

Bucky introducing Bradley to Sam Wilson was such a good twist to episode 2 and it sheds new light to more projects and references in the MCU including the Young Avengers especially since we already saw Bradley’s grandson Eli Bradley who should become the Young Avengers’ Captain America pastiche, Patriot. Plus the acting was so intense you can’t help but feel bad for what the poor man had gone through.

Baron Zemo is rich

Civil War did Zemo dirty by not revealing him as an actual Baron. In the movie directed by the Russo Brothers, Helmut Zemo was just a regular soldier with a vendetta against the Avengers, particularly for their failure to save his family during Avengers: Age of Ultron. TFTWS retconned that to reveal that he has money and power.

Bucky has Steve’s Notebook

falcon and the winter soldier caps notebook

Fun Fact: did you know that the contents of the notebook was changed depending on the country where the movie is playing.


Leave it to Marvel Studios to continue to pave the way for the X-Men and expand the exotic locations they have on their stable. This series just introduced the world of Madripoor, a crime world in Southeast Asia (near the Philippines too) which the mysterious Power Broker has full control of. This also happens to Wolverine’s stomping ground when he’s not killing ninjas in Japan.

Sam Wilson’s fashion forward look and Snap Wilson connection

They do a reference to Sam Wilson’s other alias in the comics as a pimp called Snap Wilson and also another obscure Marvel character called the Smiling Tiger.

Shanti Dope’s AMATZ playing

Sorry I had to put this in my list but this was a good and ironic moment. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA wanted to ban the Shanti Dope song “Amatz” for what they feel is excessive references to drugs. The controversy died down but this year, it made a big “HA” moment when it was played in TFTWS.

Baron Zemo’s dance

Pretty sure Marvel knew this was going to blow up when episode 3 was release and it did. They also kinda knew (probably) that people will want to see more of Dancing Zemo which was why they released a one-hour cut on Youtube.

Sharon Carter’s new role and reappearance

Sharon joins the story in episode 3 when she helps the trio escape assassin’s. She then shows off her new place and what she’s been doing since we last saw her in “Civil War”, spoiler alert, its not good.

The Return of the Super Soldier Serum

Isaiah Bradley’s blood was the framework for the new serum that the Flag Smashers have been toting around which makes the old man’s suffering more painful.

Baron Zemo’s comic faithful mask

Second thing they did dirty in “Civil War” was not having Daniel Bruhl’s Helmut Zemo not wear his trademark mask. Good thing they did this episode 3 although sadly, that’s the only time we ever saw him wear it. Why did he choose to wear at such a time is also weird. And why did he fashion it in such a way?

The Wakandan Connection

This series has ties to Captain America: Civil War so its only natural for it to have a Wakandan connection. Plus it also features Bucky Barnes so yes, this was bound to happen. The Wakandan Dora Milaje, led by Ayo, turn up to take Baron Zemo and chastise Barnes for breaking him out of prison. Bucky asks for some time because Zemo has proven himself useful. Later in episode 4, they attack Zemo’s apartment and get in a big fight where Ayo disables Bucky’s arm before leaving when Zemo escapes their grasp.

“You Are Free”

Episode 4 opens with a powerful flashback to Bucky’s time in Wakanda and the things they did to help him break free from his HYDRA conditioning. This ends with a “trial by fire” where Ayo recites the trigger words for the Winter Soldier to see if Bucky is able to resist it. He does and when Ayo says “you are free”, Bucky Barnes breaks down and cries.

There are a lot of fans who say that actor Sebastian Stan deserves an Emmy for his performance as the pained Winter Soldier. Couldn’t agree more!

Zemo almost completes his mission

Just when we start to like Zemo, he reminds us why he’s a bad guy in the narrative. He wants to rid the world of Super Soldiers and naturally when faced with a bunch of serums lying on the floor, he destroys all but one (which he missed).

John Walker vs the Dora Milaje

Wakanda has fail safes for Bucky’s arm

During the fight that ensues when the Dora Milaje and Ayo arrive, Bucky tries to reason with the Black Panther’s elite soldiers but gets blocked. Ayo then literally and figuratively disarms Bucky by activating something in the former Winter Soldier’s arms causing it to detach much to the shock of Sgt. Barnes. It’s a moment that shows Bucky that there are still things that people don’t fully trust him with and its also a nice book end for the earlier scenes with him and Ayo.

John Walker becomes a Super Soldier

Beaten by the Flag Smashers and the Dora Milaje and stumbling upon the last vial of Super Soldier Serum, John Walker eventually takes it and really becomes the new Captain America at least in name. What happens later in the episode involving him and Flag Smasher Nico is one for the books though.

John Walker – Murderer

Many fans think that this is Marvel Studios’ darkest moment to date. The rage filled John Walker, secretly juiced up with the Super Soldier Serum murders one of the Flag Smashers in cold blood and in public ending episode 4 with a pretty disturbing scene. A Captain America with a bloody shield.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier vs the new Captain America

Sam Wilson cleaning the shield

Sam picking up and cleaning the shield was a touching moment and a symbolic one too. It shows that he now fully understands what has happened with the legacy being tarnished and now wants to take it back and honoring his friend Steve Rogers’ wishes. Cleaning the blood off also means that he wants to re-do this again.

Joaquin Torres becoming the new Falcon

Wilson leaving his banged up wings to Joaquin Torres opened the doors for the MCU getting a new person to be called “The Falcon”. At this point, its already clear that Sam will become Captain America so it would also be good to know that the mantle of “The Falcon” will be given to somebody worthy too. The show points to Torres.

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Episode 5 was hyped up to have a special cameo for a new character that will shape the MCU further and it was apparently Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep). In the comics, she was one of Nick Fury’s staunch supporters and lover but based on her conversation with the no-longer Captain America John Walker, they are planning to build something similar to the Avengers which could either be the Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers.

Bucky doesn’t kill Zemo, surrenders him to the Dora Milaje

Bucky almost wraps up the Zemo subplot by helping the Dora capture him in a Sokovian memorial, show that he is free from his murderous influence and get back to the Wakandan’s good grace all in an extended scene. And this also nicely ties up to his impending reunion with Sam and a special gift.

Sam getting his new suit

This scene was a great cliffhange, people had to wait an entire week to see what Sam’s gift from the Wakanda was and what he would look like as the new Captain America. Too bad for Marvel, there had already been leaked Marvel Select Sam Wilson Captain America toys out online weeks before Episode 5.

Sharon Carter is the Power Broker

To no one’s shock and surprise, we get the reveal at the finale that Sharon Carter is the Power Broker. Fans read it a mile away and comic book fans were already anticipating it. Still, when the moment was there, it felt uncomfortable.

US Agent is introduced

Because of his actions, Walker gets a reprieve but still doesn’t get the Captain America name. And that’s totally fine because of what Fontaine plans for him and his future squad. Which was also the scene where he gets officially called US Agent.

Isaiah Bradley Scenes

The elderly Bradley got a lot of great scenes but only on a limited amount of scenes but my god, all those scenes were so good. Whether its berating Bucky and Sam to showing Sam what the United States did to him for 30 years to finally getting his proper memorial. Everything actor Carl Lumbly did here was amazing. Not to mention he was the counterpoint to what Sam wants and what he didn’t want to do. Plus, its a really good casting choice.

So there you go, most if not all the Best Moments from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. What was your favorite moment from the entire show? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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