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McFarlane Toys Darkfather wave toys spotted online

The next big build-a-figure set from McFarlane Toys would be the Death Metal-centric Darkfather wave featuring the Dark Nights: Death Metal version of the trinity namely Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Now we have photos of these figures packaged and in some toy shelves.

As mentioned above, the wave will come in four figures namely Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Robin King. Also, just like the Merciless BAF wave from back then, the Robin King will have the torso for the Darkseid-Batman hybrid due to the lack of accessories and the sheer size. 

There’s no definite release date too here in the Philippines but there’s a recurring trend that when they already have it in Singapore and Hong Kong, it won’t take long before PH based toy collectors would also have them. Also it would be a good idea to follow the McFarlane Toys page in Lazada for updates because that seller is totally updated on shipment (plus they are the official distributors here in the country). 

We got more photos of these toys in package from The Voice of Reason Facebook page (who is an excellent resource for all things McFarlane Toys by the way). Check it out below.


The page also shares great reviews and other resources pertaining to all things DC Multiverse and McFarlane Toys.

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