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Who was Mystery Character from Extermination # 1

Before we catch up on the next X-Over this season called Extermination, we take a quick look at the identity of Cable’s killer and Iceman’s kidnapper in Extermination # 1 by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz.

So recap time what this guy has done last issue.

  • Visited the ruined Xavier school and saw dead mutants everywhere
  • Attacked Iceman who was on the way to respond to Cyclops after Ahab’s attack
  • Killed Cable
  • Kidnapped Iceman

And then he’s currently gunning for the four remaining O5 members namely Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and Beast.

The issue ends with the killer revealing himself to be none other than…

A younger version of Cable aka Nathan Summers. Still toting a BFG and still a badass.

Is he going to be a villain or will he show signs of being an ally of the X-Men? More importantly will he be sticking around for a long time?

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