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DC Comics Unveils Heroes in Crisis # 1 Variant Covers plus Sanctuary Case File Variants

DC Comics has released a handful of Heroes in Crisis # 1 variant cover done by J.G. Jones featuring the miniseries’ main characters Booster Gold and Harley Quinn.

We also have a cover featuring Mark Brook’s take on the Trinity together with what appears to be Psycho Pirate’s Medusa Mask.

There’s also a Heroes in Crisis # 1 cover done by Mattina featuring an unsettling image of Harley wearing Booster Gold’s goggles with a bullet hole on it.

More interesting are the Heroes in Crisis variant covers done by artist Ryan Sook which features various traumatic moments in the DCU which requires treatment from Sanctuary.

Issue 1 will feature the Death of Superman in three versions…

Three versions for # 1 all done by Ryan Sook…

Heroes in Crisis # 2 will feature that iconic moment from Knightfall where Bane breaks Batman’s back.

Heroes in Crisis # 3 will feature Wonder Woman’s darkest moment when she was forced to kill Maxwell Lord after the latter takes control of Superman…

Upcoming Ryan Sook covers for Heroes in Crisis will also feature Green Lantern Hal Jordan killing Kilowog while under the influence of the Parallax entity and grieving over the destruction of Coast City during the events of “Return of Superman”. So far we dont have that cover yet.

Also there’s a seventh cover that’s not even discusses with the only information we have being that its going to be Harley Quinn cover.

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