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What Henry Cavill’s Superman would look like if he sported a mullet together with the black Superman suit

Ever wonder what would Superman look like if Zack Snyder decided to follow the source material for Superman’s black costume including the mullet? Well it looks like there were creative people who actually did that, made a render of the actor in his black suit and added in a mullet. Check it out below.

So they added a badass mullet AND removed the cape for this Henry Cavill’s Superman in this graphic which is as close as we can get to the actual costume that Clark Kent wore when he returned from the dead during the storyline “Death and Return of Superman” which was an uber long story which also saw the Metropolis gain four different Supermen (one for each Superman comic book).

Of course what they did with Zack Snyder’s Justice League film on HBO Go and HBO Max just followed the same costume and changed the red and blue with black.

And in case you were curious why the comic book version of Superman was wearing black, its because the color black was more absorbent to sunlight which is what Kryptonians need to power up and in this case, recover from their wounds. 

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