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Zack Synder’s Justice League Review

Zack Snyder returns to finish his stalled DCEU film “Justice League” and he’s bringing in a lot of back up. Here’s my Zack Snyder’s Justice League review. Here are my thoughts.

snyder cut justice league announcement

From the gate there was a lot of changes here including the opening which ditches the campy rooftop exposition into a more somber scene that connects the current flick with the director’s last one, which was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. From there all hell breaks lose as we are already painfully aware of.

The thing is with the almost-mythical Synder Cut, it has its own flair and subscribes wholly to Snyder’s style bible. Its not like “Josstice League” where it looked and felt like Frankenstein’s horrendous patchwork aberration. Superman and Wonder Woman takes a back seat here with the former becoming a sort of McGuffin for a bit and the later getting some scenes reduced. At least her involvement here is more on a visceral level; after becoming the team historian for a bit, by the last part, she’s written as the deadliest and fiercest warrior in the team. She even gets the killing blow, something Warner dumbed down in the 2017 film.

The film comes in a whopping four hour run time and Snyder fans can’t complain because it gives them more. For the average viewer though it could be hit or miss. The benefit of such a long run time though is it lets the characters breathe and be fleshed out more. Case in point Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone aka Cyborg and Jason Momoa‘s Arthur Curry aka Aquaman.

Whedon’s take on Cyborg was dumb and lifeless much like the cybernetic hero’s skin. Snyder’s version gives him a fleshed out (no pun intended) origin, more reasons to live and fight and be part of this new “Age of Heroes”. I found myself even smiling in one scene where the hero’s heart and kindness comes front and center while showcasing his “superpowers”.

Aquaman’s loner tendencies and bad boy approach throughout the movie makes more sense and complements James Wan’s Aquaman film nicely. Sure some elements are out of place here and there but generally it was good. We also get lengthier appearances from Amber Heard’s Mera and Willem Dafoe’s Vulko which was cut from the original release as well due to time constraints.

Disjointed scenes from the theatrical version gets mended pretty well in ZSJL. Like this scene in part one where Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is out in the icy wastelands looking for the Aquaman. It made sense here because we now have a coherent, start, middle and end. The Whedon version just threw everything out with the intention of having the audience figure everything themselves.

Existing scenes from the theatrical Josstice League also gets either reframed, retooled or completely reshot like the epic war against the invaders of Apokolips. Hell, even the ancient Green Lantern who was part of that fight gets a couple more seconds in.

Speaking of villains from Apokolips, I’m happy to report that the villain is more meatier. Cieran Hinds’ Steppenwolf is now more understandable with his goal and motivation. He doesn’t spout a mama’s boy drivel in this one too. He’s on a redemption arc of his own, trying to find a way to get back to what he calls home about being banished by Darkseid. Snyder makes a conscious effort to redeem the baddie by making him look more menacing AND tie up to what he looked like in that split second from BvS.

Steppenwolf from Justice League and Synder Cut Justice League

I felt sad that we no longer have the “Everybody Knows” bit from the opening but I’m quite happy with departure of Danny Elfman who is replaced by Junkie XL as originally intended. The tracks are more heartfelt and sincere and more effective. I particularly loved the themes used for the fight scenes; really wicked and loud and “boomtastic” when it needs to be.

Action scenes are cleaner and crisper and we even get a more dynamic group shot similar to the Avengers’ action shot from Age of Ultron. It’s a little nitpick, yeah but its still something worth pointing out since we’re still talking about comic book movies for this Justice League review.

Surprises cameos and retooled end credits also tease fans with what COULD be bringing Bruce Wayne back to the “Knightmare” with a lot of bonus scenes and an intense moment with Jared Leto’s Joker. Even the involvement of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Deathstroke gets a more vivid reveal in the Synder Cut. I can say I’m hooked but I don’t want to dream because Synder’s plans for future projects could burn bridges he JUST restored. 

Also Batman saying “Fuck“.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review – Verdict:

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the same story and a good analogy for the recently popular “Ship of Theseus”. They took out ugly bits and replaced it with better ones but its still the same boat, still suffers (albeit in smaller bouts) from plot drivel. It’s fan service done right and not too blatant. At the most, this film serves as a redeemer for 2017’s Justice League and at the least, it gives fans a lot of things to gawk at (and I don’t mean those god-awful jokes Whedon wrote at the expense of Wonder Woman). For me, the legacy of the Justice League gets likeable once more and that is good given what DC has.

Also love it or hate it, we have a really nice end credit segment.


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