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Another secret weapon made by the Guardians is revealed in Green Lantern # 1

In this week’s Green Lantern # 1 by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci, another one of the guardians of the universe’s secret weapon and mistake gets showcased.

Spoilers for Green Lantern # 1

spoiler alert photo

As the Green Lantern Corps prepare to meet with the newly formed United Planets, they are meet with mixed reactions. Some of these planets want to let the Oans in while others want them out of the new United Planets cooperative. Then there’s also the mystery of Keli the Teen Lantern who made an appearance in Young Justice.

So as Green Lantern John Stewart balances being Corps Leader and overseeing the security of the world and the delegates, he also has to help the guardians determine how they should deal with Teen Lantern.

And while the meeting is happening, a group of magical beings create a spell that blasts the Lanterns’ Sciencells to call one specific inmate. A mysterious entity called Atmatentrym!

The GLC race to contain the situation but not before this new baddie breaks most of the prisoners from the Sciencells including Red Lanterns like Bleez and Dexstar. As John looks for answers, a stranger dressed in a familiar looking dress appears and gives more information about this weapon that the Guardians created.

I really liked the notion of this weapon, that it was designed to eat chaos and discord during the initial run of the Guadians in looking for way to police the universe in its infancy stage. John Stewart rallies all the Green Lanterns in the area and they face this monstrosity by powering down and reciting the very awesome Green Lantern Oath. This pacifies Atmatentrym enough for it to be contained.

But the big shocker happens at the end of the issue which is reserved for another post tomorrow! Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo

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