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How Miles Morales Got his Powers (Comics Edition)

Here’s a brief look at how Miles Morales got his powers in the comics. And remember, there are spoilers here and from Spider-Verse

Miles Morales was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Miles was a simple kid who had a lot of potential but was having bits or angst.

The story is set after the death of Peter Parker in the previous volume of Ultimate Spider-Man. The world is also salvaging what they can from Norman Osborn’s fallen empire which includes the other genetically modified spiders. Unfortunately for Osborn, the thief known as The Prowler had one of the remaining spiders stowaway on his stuff during a salvage expedition.

Aaron Davis, the man behind the mask, is also close with his nephew Miles. Aaron’s brother and Miles’ dad does not approve of the bonding sessions which is why Miles sneaks behind his parents just to meet his uncle.

In one of his visits, he gets stung by the spider that stowawayed in Prowler’s bag. He gets knocked unconscious by the bite, even foaming by the mouth.

Just before he can get Miles to a doctor, Jeffrey comes barging in looking for his son. Miles however is nowhere in sight. You see he managed to sneak past by turning himself invisible, a new power he unknowingly got from the spider.

As he continues to run away from his dad, Miles Morales also discovers that he has spider-like reflexes and can jump really high…

… As well as the ability to emit “Venom Blasts” in sticky situations, as seen in this segment where he gets harassed by local street gang.

In the Spider-Verse movie, it was heavily implied that the Spider that bit Miles which ultimately gave him his Spider abilities came from an alternate universe which was sucked into their world because Kingpin was experimenting on multiverses and timelines to help get back his dead wife and son.

There’s so much to talk about and feature about Miles like how he got his cool black and red costume as well as how he lived up to his role as the Ultimate universe’s new Spider-Man.

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