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Grail Beats the Justice League (Darkseid War)

Geoff John’s and Jason Fabok’s Darkseid War was one of the better Justice League stories ever since he did Origins at the start of the New 52. We’d like to look at the best moments from the story. Starting with the moment Grail Beats the Justice League.

In the story, we find out Darkseid impregnated an Amazon named Myrina Black who gave birth to Grail at the same night Wonder Woman was born.

Now that she’s allied with the Anti-Monitor who wants out of his cursed fate of destroying worlds. To do that he needs to kill Darkseid. Her initial attack was brutal, she starts the fight by opening a portal from The Flash’s mouth…

I also have to say that Gail’s character design looks cool.

One of the first leaguers who try to fight Grail is Batman.

She’s too damn fast for Batman so he gets taken out. Before Grail could kill Batman, Cyborg and Shazam intervene.

Both Billy Batson and Victor Stone are no match for Grail and her fighting skills. Before she could do any more damage to the former Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman enters the fray.

Its a scary thought to. Know that she’s also strong enough to actually destroy Diana’s bracelets.

When Wonder Woman falls, the two Green Lanterns in the team join the fight. Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz try to take out Grail…

Grail is also tough enough to cancel out and short Hal’s ring.

Below we also see Grail finally get her hands on Power Ring.

Because Jessica’s Power Ring came from another universe its more attuned to connect Earth to Earth 3, aka the Crime Syndicate’s world which has been ravaged by the Anti-Monitor.

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