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Genshin Impact KFC Crossover event is NOT Happening due to Pandemic

It looks like the Genshin Impact KFC crossover event that was supposed to happen this month won’t be happening due to being a health risk amidst the global pandemic due to COVID-19.

There was supposed to be a big crossover between KFC and Genshin Impact but that won’t happen anymore because of COVID-19. There was to be stores in Shanghai and Hangzhou partly because it was found those stores were violating COVID-19 prevention measures as shared by various accounts on Chinese social media website Weibo.

Apparently, the crossover attracted huge crowds overnight as fans lined up to get those sweet, sweet special pins featuring several characters from the Mihoyo game including Diluc and Noelle.

I’m actually going to be happy with just these restaurant posters featuring Lumine, Jean, Diluc and more.

According to reports, purchasing a meal from KFC during this limited time, buyers could get a KFC-themed glider in-game, custom recipe which is KFC-themed as well, stickers and the aforementioned pins.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad also reports that customers need to also shout “Meet in another world, enjoy delicious food!” to trigger the promo.

So while the shutdown for the event is bad for Chinese fans of both the game and the chicken store, it could also spell good news for global fans because Mihoyo has already stated that they are now considering doing the Genshin Impact KFC crossover on a global scale. Hopefully, the Philippines could be part of this great concept and crossover.

Check out the crowd that the crossover attracted via NGL.com

Genshin Impact is currently out now on mobile, PC and Playstation from Mihoyo with a new update coming to the game on March 17 which will also feature a banner where gamers can pull characters like Childe, Rosaria and Venti.

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