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My Hero Academia chapter 304 spoilers – Deku meets the previous OFA bearers

Viz just released this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia and we’re definitely doing a My Hero Academia chapter 304 spoilers post today! And we’re finally moving away from the drama of Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki’s family and onto Deku aka Izuku Midoriya who is still comatose after the big fight a few chapters ago. And now in his subconscious, he’s meeting the previous One for All bearers minus All Might.

In this chapter we learn a number of things. For starters, we find out that the whole predecessors manifesting in the subconscious was a slow process but made faster due to all the things happening around the bearer of One for All. In this case, it was the constant battles and stress happening around Deku and the world.

We also get to meet the fourth user of OFA, Shinomori Hagake.

Shinomori Hagake

It was Hagake’s intel shared to Deku and the others that revealed that OFA can be a double edged sword especially if the bearer already had a Quirk to begin with. In Hagake’s case, he was a hermit and had the “Danger Sense” quirk. So he hid for around 18 years from the time he got One for All.  And he also died of natural causes at the age of 40.

Meanwhile All Might (Yagi Toshinori) has grown past the age of 40 it shows that the OFA quirk will not destroy a quirkless person’s body. Instead it will fill the role of a real quirk for that individual. It was a lesson they wish they were able to know and pass down through the ages.

They went on to further discuss that the ratio of normal people to people who have quirks is dropping significantly which means that there is a possibility that Deku could be the last OFA bearer


With that knowledge, the meeting is about to adjourn until All Might’s master and teacher Nana Shimura asked an important question. If Deku can actually kill Shigaraki, her grandson.

I’m betting this is a trick question for Deku and that after this, he’ll finally snap out of his comma and we can get on with the chaos caused by the League of Villains and the recent escape of All for One and other inmates of Tartarus

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