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My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Spoilers- A Todoroki Reunion

Chapter 299 of MHA revealed the secret origin of Hawks and ended with his renewed desire to help Endeavor. This week’s chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 300 spoilers continues to show how Japan slowly devolves just days after the last major battle between the heroes and the League of Villains.

With the public’s trust in heroes deteriorating, civilians have started arming themselves and trying to fight off villains by themselves. This ends up with more deaths and violence and property damage. There are also some heroes who have chosen to resign and retreat forcing the spotlight on the current Number 1 hero, Endeavor.

But things aren’t even good for our fiery number 1 as he has just woken up and is still in recovery. He almost died during the fight with Dabi who also turns out to be his missing son Touya Todoroki. Endeavor breaks down after reflecting on his current situation and many deaths that are now under his belt caused by his abusive treatment to his son.

He even says that because of what happened, Endeavor is effectively dead already. And while all this is happening, Shoto and his brother and sister arrive at the hospital and check in on their father.

As well as a surprise twist visitor.

Rei Todoroki, the wife of Enji Todoroki and the mother of his children.

Looks like the Touya Todoroki popping out back from the dead has brought the Todoroki family closer and a reckoning of sorts is definitely going to happen soon. I wonder though what could Rei and Shoto’s siblings bring to the table. Meanwhile, still no word on Deku in this chapter. Hopefully the next few chapters give us more information about the previous bearers of the One for All quirk.

Also if you’ve forgotten already, Rei was committed to a mental institute by Enji himself after she burned part of Shoto’s face when he was still a kid. Part of Shoto’s transformation from the trope-y powerful snobby member to one of UA Class A’s “Big Three” was his acceptance of what has happened and his forgiveness. During season 2, we even see Shoto visit his mother (which was really one of the touching moments from the season).

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