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My Hero Academia Chapter 299 Spoiler recap; the secret origin of Hawks

Here’s last week’s My Hero Academia Chapter 299 Spoiler recap focusing on the still-recuperating Hawks and his mini-adventures with Best Jeanist. This chapter also serves as the secret origin of Hawks.

The chapter shows us Hawks as a kid when he was abused by his father and ignored by his mother. It’s revealed that Hawks’ father was a hitman who was on the run and was subsequently saved by his mother. They had Hawks some time later. The relationship was toxic to say the least with Keigo’s mother being overly clinging and dependent on the father. This drove him to leave and was later caught.

Hawk’s mother was paranoid of what authorities would do to her after she harbored a fugitive so they left their home and wandered the streets. Later, they were picked up and was given a new identity. This was probably in relation to Hawks’ potential for being a hero.

In the present, Hawks and Best Jeanist travel together and along the way foil a supercrime. Jeanist learns that people lost their faith in heroes after the big fight from the last arc and the heroes have also closed down their shops leaving communities without local heroes. Jeanist tells them that he’ll be dispatching his sidekicks to do a sweep and send the criminals to the police.

Best Jeanist and Hawks arrives at the latter’s house where they find a letter. Hawk’s mother says goodbye to him and admits that she was pressured into revealing his identity and everything she knows about him. This breaks Hawks’ heart and he kinda accepts his fate. He does however strengthen his resolve to help Endeavor and the Todorokis especially after what Dabi has revealed about his true identity.

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  1. February 10, 2021

    […] Chapter 299 of MHA revealed the secret origin of Hawks and ended with his renewed desire to help Endeavor. This week’s chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 300 spoilers continues to show how Japan slowly devolves just days after the last major battle between the heroes and the League of Villains. […]

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