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My Hero Academia Chapter 192

The Todorokis make a family reunion in My Hero Academia chapter 192.

Hawks continues his flashback on him becoming the new spy against the League of Villains.

Him and Endeavor also part ways days after the fight with the nommu. A flashback reveals the amount of healing it took to bring Endeavor back up after his injuries.

Back at home, Endeavor is surprised to see his three kids all waiting for him.

Natsuo doesnt like the idea of Endeavor becoming a dad to them, especially after the treatment they got and the eventual hospitalization of their mother.

Shoto Todoroki apparently likes Soba.

Endeavor takes his leave from the house and vows that he’ll become a better father to his children.

Back with Izuku Midoriya aka Deku, he passes out from exhaustion after training his endurance as well as One for All. He gets to see the other people who had become to One for All quirk’s users including Nana.

Oh and we may just get a flashback of the fight between the brothers who got the One for All and All for One quirks.

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