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My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Spoilers – Hawks and One For All

Today we take a look at My Hero Academia chapter 303 spoilers focusing on Hawks and how he begins his investigation on a term he recently heard, One for All.

Hawks being the sly hero that he is had overheard the Todoroki siblings talking about One for All which he is currently curious about. He doesn’t know what it is but he is even if it means dragging the truth out for the world to see.

He also heard Endeavor mention One for All during the big fight and he has become curious on what it is and what it could do the the ongoing bagtle between the heroes and villains.

Endeavor tells the two heroes to go and look for Deku aka Izuku Midoriya. Unfortunately for them, the hero is currently down and in a coma. All Might is also present by the bedside and looking at his protege still down for the count.

Now things could go worse as Hawks has been a staunch Endeavor fanboy even as a kid. So there’s already a bias against the former Number 1 hero and his successor. Or then again, him discovering about One for All and subsequently All for One could turn the tides back to the heroes once more.

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  1. April 26, 2021

    […] of UA and left behind his classmates. Ever since he came back from the coma and meeting with the previous holders of One for All, Izuku Midoriya’s priorities in terms of being a hero has also shifted. His new costume is […]

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