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Venom # 29 spoilers – Absolute Carnage Aftermath, The Return of the Council of Reeds

We’re catching up with the Absolute Carnage aftermath starting with Venom # 20 by Donny Cates and Ivan Coello.

In this issue, we catch up with the Ultimate universe Reed Richards conversing with an unrevealed person about the nature of the Kylntr aka the Symbiotes. He surmises that Dylan Brock and his powers of “killing” symbiotes were a response to a big threat. He figured that Carnage was created because the symbiote felt the threat of Thanos and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile Eddie Brock and his son Dylan Brock have finally spoken about what just happened. Dylan confronts his father about his abandonment which Eddie gives the prompt explanation. The father and son reunite and hug it out.

Eddie also promises to protect his son no matter what happens. He already did so at the end of the Absolute Carnage storyline, sacrificing the fate of the world for the sake of his son.

Back at the Maker’s secret hideout, he continues to talk about his research on the symbiote. Its then revealed that he managed to snag the symbiote from the Ultimate universe, his home dimension, and plans to use it to bring it back.

Venom # 20 ends with the revelation that The Maker had been speaking to the reformed Council of Reeds who we last saw during Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four.

This issue opens a lot of questions mainly HOW Marvel plans to bring back the Ultimate Universe and what it could mean for some of the transplants from that universe who have acclimated to this reality namely Miles Morales and even Ultimate Wolverine’s son Jimmy Logan.

Also, will the Venom books crossover with Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four books anytime soon? I hope they get to finish the X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover miniseries first before that happens.

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