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King in Black # 4 Spoilers

Marvel’s King in Black returns this week and we are getting a big retcon and a whole lot of new history to cover. This issue was written by Donny Cates and art by Ryan Stegman. Here are the major spoilers for King in Black # 4!

Spoiler alert

spoiler alert photo

In this issue, we see Dylan Brock coming face to face with Knull the God of Symbiotes. There’s a voice that instructs Dylan to use his power and weaken the symbiote king and knows that he can do it.

And when Dylan does, he not only hurts Knull but also free all the heroes that have become symbiote hosts like Cyclops, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thor and Storm.

Doctor Strange is freed too and gets a significant power boost from that staff that Black Cat was clutching. This gives him a new badass form.

Doctor Strange uses a new power to fight the symbiotes

The heroes, push away the symbiotes while in the psychic plane, Dylan gets beaten up a bit before Jean Grey shows up and fights Knull.

With all the symbiotes in the middle, Namor joins the fight and unleashes a tidal wave that floods New York which Thor and Storm then electrify with some lightning, including those Celestials which Iron Man fought a few issues ago.

In the real world, Jean finds out something about Knull. That there is a never ending battle between the symbiote of darkness and the symbiote of light.

We also find out through Jean that there is an antithesis to the God of Darkness and that is the God of Light.

Jean refers to Knull’s enemy as the god of light

Its then revealed that the Marvel Universe already knows the identity of the symbiote of light and the Silver Surfer’s new boss, its none other than the Enigma Force aka the one that turns people into Captain Universe. And its Reed Richards who deduced everything. He even says that with the reveal, the Enigma Force is no longer an enigma.

Reed Richards solves the Enigma Force

… And its now reached Earth and is taking over the body of the comatose Eddie Brock.


It looks like King in Black # 5 is setting up a rematch between Venom and Knull now in equal footing.

Good issue to be honest and we get to see how powerful the X-Men are and how important they are for the Marvel universe especially in big crisis such as this.

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