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Arkham Knight is Becoming a Canon Character – Detective Comics # 1000

Detective Comics # 1000 is going to be big and much like how DC Comics treated the release of Action Comics # 1000, we’ll be getting the same thing with a new villain that has the potential to flesh out new stories for a while. In this case, its Arkham Knight thats coming over to the medium.

So while Action Comics # 1000 gave readers and fans at Brian Michael Bendis’ work at DC Comics. Detective Comics # 1000 will try to connect the Arkham Knight from the Batman game to the comics, a tradition that’s been done to death by the big two.

DC promises that the Knight we’ll be seeing is a “never before seen” version, so that leaves out the possibility of him being Jason Todd aka Red Hood once more.

Tec 1000 will be a 96 page anthology book done by different writers and artists, all of which had worked with Batman to some extent. DC Comics will also release a hardcover collecting classic stories that have appeared in Detective Comics. This “companion” piece will be called Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman The actual issue will be spearheaded by Peter Tomasi with art by Doug Mahnke, who also did the art for Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Other creators whose names have been attached to the milestone issues are:  Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Dini, Christopher Priest, Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams, Kelley Jones, Dustin Nguyen and Alex Maleev

Detective Comics # 1000 will be released March 2019

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