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Viva files lawsuit vs Nadine Lustre over contract breach

Viva and Viva Artist Agency filed a lawsuit vs Nadine Lustre over contract breach stemming from recent actions where she dropped out of her contract and became a self-managed talent.

According to reports, Viva Artist Agency has filed a lawsuit on December 11, 2020 at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court because the actress is in breach of her exclusive contract with the talent agency.

“The lawsuit was filed because, early this year, Nadine violated her valid and existing Agency and Management Agreement with VAA, by contracting independently with advertisers, promoters, and other third parties, in utter disregard of the exclusivity of her contract with VAA.

“Thus, the case seeks, among others, to stop Nadine from continuously violating her Agency and Management Agreement with VAA and for Nadine to honor her contract.”

Lustre’s contract with VAA started in 2009 and then got a renewal in 2014 which ran for 10 years effectively ending June 20, 2024. Apparently she still has 4 years more to go. But wait there’s more. VAA also noted that she signed another 5 year contract with the agency in 2015 which makes her an exclusive talent until 2029.

The lawsuit that was filed also listed down several steps that the VAA took to make Nadine “one of the most sought after artists in the entertainment industry”.

“Through VAA’s efforts, Nadine’s career took-off in 2014 owing to the Viva-produced blockbuster movie “Diary ng Panget” starring Nadine and James Reid, which introduced the “JADINE” loveteam to the public.

“On the heels of the success of “Diary ng Panget”, VAA negotiated for JADINE to be featured in ABS-CBN shows to promote the loveteam, resulting in the record-breaking teleserye, “On The Wings of Love”, more popularly called by fans as “OTWOL”.

“Despite her continued success as an exclusive artist of VAA for almost a decade, Nadine still chose to violate and disregard her contract with VAA.”

The Artist Agency also stated that “Ms. Lustre should honor and respect the sanctity of contracts and that third parties are put on notice that any direct dealings with Ms. Lustre for her services as a performing artist or endorser shall be in violation of Ms. Lustre’s contract with VAA.”

The OPPO endorser released a statement in January 27, 2020 via Atty. Lorna Kapunan stating that she is no longer finishing her contract with Viva.

“For the information of the public, Nadine Lustre is no longer a talent of Viva Artists Agency.

“Consistent with her rights under the Civil Code of The Philippines, specifically Article 1920, she has decided to terminate her agency contract with Viva.

“As of now, Nadine is self-managed and will continue to be so indefinitely.

“She shall directly manage her affairs from now on, and bookings and inquiries may be directly addressed to her.”

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