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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer 1

Disney’s investor event yielded A TON of new promotional materials for the house of mouse’s properties and I plan to cover all of them before the end of the week; you know, give comments, point out details things like that. First on our list is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer 1 featuring the team-up series of Sam and Bucky post-Avengers Endgame.

This series starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon together with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier will be hitting Disney+ exclusively starting March 19!

Check out the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer 1 below

The trailer nails it when it comes to giving viewers the tone. It wants to follow the path that the Russo Brothers laid out for Captain America: The Winter Soldier with a lot of political intrigue and twists together with a new element in the form of a more pronounced buddy cop segment between Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

We also get to see new characters popping up like the Flag-Smasher group based on the classic Captain America villain of the same. Speaking of new, we also get that familiar footage of Wyatt Russell’s John Carter aka US Agent going public and the return of the menacing Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo.

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