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First Look at Robert Pattinson as Batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves went to Twitter to share a screentest footage for Robert Pattinson as Batman for his upcoming project The Batman.

You can check out the tweet with the actual video below:


And here are some screenshots for Robert Pattinson as Batman…

So far we know that Zoe Kravitz would be Catwoman/ Selina Kyle, Colin Farrell will be a radically different Penguin while Jeffrey Wright will be Commissioner Gordon, Paul Dano will be playing Riddler aka Edward Nashton aka Edward Nigma. Andy Serkis will also be putting a new spin as Alfred Pennyworth.

We also know that they are shooting in the UK, with some parts of the area turned into Gotham City. We even see Pattinson in a motorcycle covering his face while shooting a scene which has some massive New 52 Batman vibes.

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