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5 Things to Love about The Mandalorian S2E5 “The Jedi”

Before we publish the review for this week’s episode of the Mandalorian, I’d like to do a quick rundown of the things I loved about last week’s episode “The Jedi” which is The Mandalorian S2E5.

Before we proceed with this list that explores 5 Things to Love about The Mandalorian S2E5 “The Jedi”, let me raise my SPOILER ALERT

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  1. Cinematography

God damn I loved the cinematography for this episode whether its the contrast in the colors in the village or that awesome fight between Ahsoka and the Magistrate with that sweet, sweet Beskar. Everything in this episode just looks GOOD!.

2. Ahsoka Tano’s triumphant return

So its been a week already and we know that everybody cheered on as Rosario Dawson gave a good performance as the former jedi and former Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. But generally speaking, we give Ahsoka just being in this episode AND sharing the spotlight with Mando a big YES already. Even from the moment Bo-Katan mentioned Ahsoka and set Din and Baby Yoda into a head-on collision, we were all saying yes.

3. Ahsoka vs Mando

While it’s not a vicious fight, the fight between the two was certainly enjoyable to watch. Notice that everytime Mando gets into a fight that ends with a stalemate or a draw, we end up seeing the character in future episodes. That’s a bit of a stretch but you would definitely pay to see a rematch.

Also its a nice segment in that fight where we see The Mandalorian’s beskar armor get put to the test with an honest to goodness lightsaber. Ever since he got the beskar upgrade in his armor, it’s never really been put to the ultimate test, well that’s if you exclude that time they were fighting Grand Moff Gideon’s army in season 1 but those were bullets.

4. Sci-Fi and Popculture royalty appearance

This episode featured not one but two popculture royalties in the form of the gunman for hire Lang played by Michael Biehn and Morgan Elsbeth aka The Magistrate played by Diana Lee Inosanto. I love the fact that they were here and that they played a part in the developing story of The Mandalorian in his quest to find the right people to leave his young ward Baby Yoda.

Biehn was the OG Kyle Reese from the Terminator franchise who also happens to be the father of future messiah John Connor.

Aside from that role, he was also in Aliens where he played Cpl. Dwayne Hicks…

Diane Lee Inosanto on the other hand is the daughter of legendary eskrima master Dan Inosanto, who is also a close friend of legendary Bruce Lee. In fact, IIRC, Bruce Lee is Inosanto’s goddaughter.

And while Im not 100 sure, it felt like Tano and The Magistrate’s fight was a homage to Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto’s fight.

5. Baby Yoda’s name and future

The entire The Jedi episode hits us like a bomb in terms of what it delivered. Reeling from the fact that we have a live-action Ahsoka in front of us, there’s also so many new details about our favorite frog-eater including the fact that his name is actually GROGU.

Then at the end of the episode, we also find out that he has to pick his destiny and that Mando needs to be there to guide him in making the choice. This will only serve to make the bond between them extra strong. Which will make separation twice as hard for them as well as for the audience. God I hope that day doesn’t arrive.

What do you think of last week’s episode of The Mandalorian aka “The Jedi”? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more Star Wars goodness!

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