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First Look at Red Hood in Titans Season 3

As promised, DC has shared our first look at Red Hood in Titans season 3 which will still be played by Curran Walters; who played Jason Todd in the previous two seasons!

You can check out our first look at Red Hood in Titans season 3 after the cut

The official Twitter account for DC’s Titans also had this to say:

Welcome to the Hood. Jason Todd returns as the Red Hood in season 3 of Titans. Seasons 1 and 2 stream November 1st on

(US). #DCTitans


I love that the design has elements taken from the pre-New 52 Red Hood…

… as well as some elements from New 52 Red Hood

And while I personally like this, there are a lot of people who aren’t as optimistic as me. Here are some of the comments you can find within the @DCTitans post:

I also found some replies that shared their own take on the costume…

There was also a comment about going directly to Jason becoming Red Hood rather than making him absent for an entire season and re-emerging as the Red Hood, to give it more depth and to make his “death” heavier for the team.

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