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Wolverine finally gets his revenge on Magneto for pulling his adamantium in Fatal Attractions

Wolverine finally gets his revenge on Magneto for what he did in the story arc Fatal Attractions and its not as painful as you’d expect but its very funny. Spoilers for issues 3 and 4 of the current Wolverine solo book by Benjamin Percy.

Here’s a brief summary: In one of the biggest fights between the X-Men and Magneto, the master of magnetism shows how powerful he is by pulling all the adamantium from Wolverine’s bones. Logan has since recovered and gotten his adamantium back.

Fast forward to the “Krakoa” era of the mutants and Wolverine and Magneto have been working side by side. In his current mission to stop the pirates that keep on attacking Kitty Pryde’s Marauders team and their precious cargo, Wolverine devices a plan to take down the group including the psychic mutant that keeps turning him into a murder machine whenever they meet.

So to beat that punk, Wolverine devices a plan which involves “borrowing” Magneto’s helmet. To do that, he had to outdrink one of Krakoa’s leaders…

He did put the helmet to good use in the story arc’s final moments where he confronts the “pirates” and the syndicate together with the Marauders…

… and saves the life of his friend Barrister.

In Wolverine # 4, Wolverine is summoned by the Quiet Council regarding his behavior.

It looks like he never really did call them even until this moment. And I did love this little thing Wolverine told Professor X via telepathy.

Especially love Magneto’s reaction to it.

Wolverine # 3 and #4 are out now by writer Benjamin Percy and art by Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdonavic.

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