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Netflix cancels The Society and I Am Not Okay with This due to COVID pandemic

Sad news for Netflix fans as two series have been axed due to production problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic namely The Society and I Am Not Okay with This.


The Society’s cancellation was a bigger surprise since it was already announced that they would be getting a second season; meanwhile fans of the series “I Am Not Okay with This” were already expecting an announcement for a second season before this news was unveiled. Deadline reports too that the scripts for season 2 were already written and was supposed to begin production even before a renewal was announced.

“We’ve made the difficult decision not to move forward with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This,” Netflix said in a statement to Deadline. “We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to circumstances created by COVID, and we are grateful to these creators, including: Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen and Josh Barry at 21 Laps Entertainment for I Am Not Okay With This; Chris Keyser, Marc Webb and Pavlina Hatoupis for The Society; and all the writers, casts and crews who worked tirelessly to make these shows for our members around the world.”

In the case of The Society, it was revealed that the schedule for the stars in the series made it difficult to shoot episodes especially since there’s a hard stance on quarantine and social distancing even in TV productions and movie productions. Its also sad to note that the cancellation happened just when both series had received significant increase in production budget.

I Am Not Okay with This poster (c) Netflix

The cancellation would also mean that there won’t be any resolution or closure with more questions being raised for the number of teenagers who wake up in an alternate reality version of their town. Meanwhile for “I Am Not Okay With This”, we get introduced to a new character who was teased to play a major role for our main characters Sophia Lillis’ Sydney Novak and Wyatt Oleff’s Stanley Barber.

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