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Young Justice Becomes Young Justice League

So just doing a quick revisit of Young Justice via Young Justice # 15 by Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Walker where them team takes on a new name and refer to themselves as Young Justice League.

Bendis wraps up the first overarching storyline with the team returning to the main DC Universe with Superboy dealing with that crazy STAR Labs doctor who threw him in Gemworld in the first place. After dispatching the villains, a hilarious moment featuring the Wonder Twins and a great moment of showing how close these teen heroes are, we get to see them make a decision on the future of this team which they call Young Justice.

They make a quick decision on what they should do next; and thanks to a bit of prodding from Kid Flash/Impulse they actually decide to continue.

There’s also a subplot about Superboy confronting Bart Allen about why he was so keen on reforming Young Justice/ Young Justice League.

What could this be? Also with Young Justice now fully operational in the main DC Universe, what’s going to happen with the other teen team, the Teen Titans? Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more comics news and updates!


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