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Death of X # 2 Spoilers

Last week’s issue of Death of X was pretty nice and moved things clearly towards Inhumans vs X-Men, so without further delays, we give you Death of X # 2 Spoilers.


You might want to read the Death of X # 1 spoilers (where its revealed that Jamie Madrox died)

So anyway, things pick up in this story as Storm meets up with the Queen of Inhumans, Medusa.



When Storm, Forge and Iceman leave New Atillan, Medusa is left for her thoughts, once again foreshadowing the eventual IvX; that’s until she gets a worldwide psychic message broadcast in Muir Island done by Cyclops and Emma Frost.




At this point, Scott Summers pretty much fucked up relations between Mutants and Inhumans; pretty much fucked up the good will that Storm made a few pages ago with Medusa. And while the last issue shined a light at the Inhumans are capable of doing and how they are doing it, Cyclops wasn’t entirely wrong with his half-baked decision to pin the blame of mutants getting sick or dying onto the Inhumans.


Pompous bastard this Cyclops. Still, the politics of this all could have changed if they at least aligned with what Storm has found out; or if he just coordinated properly with Storm.


So apparently there are two Terrigen Clouds running around the world; one of which is headed to Madrid, Spain. With orders from Inhuman queen Medusa, Crystal goes to work not only to secure Inhumans who have been turned by the cloud but also whisk away mutants that might be exposed to the Terrigen mist. Crystal works together with other inhumans plus a very late Storm to disperse the cloud or turn it away from Madrid.

Both Inhumans and Mutants regroup and with the riots and violence spreading, Crystal decides to have the new Inhuman from Japan, Daisuke, put everybody to sleep which was taken out of context by Cyclops and Emma Frost.


Seeing what happened in Spain as an act of war, Cyclops starts to call in the heavy hitters for the mutant race. Emma does the hard job of contacting former X-Men including…



Bonus Stage:

I’m glad to see this bit of interaction last week between Colossus and Magik. These two needs a  team-up book or have them be on the same team and actually do missions together (because they haven’t really done much in Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men)


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