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Shakey’s Rolls Out ‘Secure Atmosphere and Food Execution’ Program, Goes Beyond Government-Mandated Safety Protocols

In an effort to restart the country’s economy, many establishments are welcoming customers with new normal protocols in place. Among them is Shakey’s—a family favorite for pizza, chicken, and mojos.

To ensure the safety of guests, Shakey’s has implemented a number of stringent protocols under what it dubs as “Secure Atmosphere and Food Execution” (S.A.F.E.) program. Surpassing even the safety standards set by the government under the new normal, efforts in this initiative include regular safety audits and the designation of a Health Safety Officer (HSO) for every branch.

The HSO’ssole duty is to ensure that all employees, from managers to security guards, will adhere to the new rules set by the company at all times. He or she is also tasked to check the body temperature of all employees at least three times a day, supervise the regular sanitation of highcontact areas, spot flu-like symptoms on guests and employees, as well as look for areas to improve safety, specific to each store.

“We owe our guests peace of mind when they choose to dine in, take out, or have food delivered from our stores. Aside from the guarantee of delicious food, we also guarantee their safety,” shares Vic Gregorio, President and CEO of Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. “We invested a significant amount of time and resources to think through every aspect of operating in the new normal. The world still has a lot to learn about this pandemic. In order to make every Shakey’s a venue where people can have a great time and create great memories, we decided to work with experts from various fields to minimize the chances of infection.”

In addition to these efforts, the company has also started employing heightened safety measures for all guests and employees. This includes strict implementation of social distancing of at least one meter apart, mandatory thermal checks, better dinnerware sanitation and handling, the use of sanitation mats, compulsory wearing of face masks for guests, providing PPEs to staff, and regular hand sanitizing. Staff are also required to not wear their uniforms while on the way to work, and all suppliers are obliged to follow safety protocols.

Under S.A.F.E., Shakey’s is also rolling out intensified sanitation protocols, which include regular sanitation of all trays in between use, disinfection of high-traffic areas every 30 minutes and of restrooms every 30 minutes. Contactless payment settlement shall also be observed at all times and each store is encouraged to provide disposable masks for guests who may need them. In addition, guests—through a QR code printed on every single-use placemats—will have the option of viewing Shakey’s menu using their mobile phones. Helpful signages and markers to remind guests of new house rules are also on display.

Bars and Funzones in stores shall remain closed to ensure the safety of guests. They have also separated the carryout area from food aggregator area to ensure social distancing. As with most other establishments, contactless transactions shall also be made for deliveries.

“We are taking the coronavirus threat very seriously—not just for our guests, but for our employees as well. We spent weeks preparing for our return, and this includes several passes of operational plans and numerous trainings. But much like everyone else, we are still trying to navigate our way in this new normal. Everyone’s safety remains our highest priority, and we will never stop looking for ways to provide you with a clean and safe space where you can enjoy great food with friends and family,” Gregorio adds.

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