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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Custom Air Jordans or J-Force will make you go wryyyyyy

Check out these cool JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Custom Air Jordans featuring famous motifs and themes from the hit anime and manga series. But to be honest, they are knock-offs of the Jordan sneakers then painted over with custom designs. Do they really count as jordans? Most likely not but for the sake of hype and fandom, let’s just call them as such or better yet refer to them as J-Force; the source did call these pairs as such anyway.

Above you’ll see the Jordan 1s bearing Yoshikage Kira‘s theme including Killer Queen’s logo in the center plus the purple motif and checkered pattern which we could also see in Kira’s necktie from part 4 aka Diamond is Unbreakable.

Next we have a Jordan shoe featuring Golden Wind’ protagonist, Giorno Giovanna‘s theme.

Wait did I just write down Giorno’s theme?

Or this?!

So going back to the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Custom Air Jordans, lets take a look at the other designs that were shared online.

We also have Mama Bruno Bucciarati air jordans.

As well as another member of Giorno’s squad, Guido Mistah.

Guido Mista air jordans

Guido Mista air jordans

Sorry, no Sex Pistols here though, not even one of those cute bullets.

We also have more traditional Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure custom air jordans like this one based off on Jonathan Joestar’s bandana from “Battle Tendency”

Might be mistaken though, if so, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

We also have an Air Jordan pair that’s based solely on another JoJo trope.

What’s your favorite from this set? We also have to again credit Animeape.

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