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Star Wars Squadrons Teaser now out from EA

In preparation for the official Star Wars Squadrons announcement and launch, EA has released two new teaser images for the upcoming game!

Its interesting to note that all this was due to a leak about the game which promptly lit EA’s ass on fire. And now we’re getting an announcmeent later, hopefully some new key visuals and more importantly a new trailer. It’s really been a while since we saw any Star Wars game that focuses on the insane space dogfights the franchise has also become famous with.

I hope that they take out everything good with Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2 and put that in Star Wars Squadrons too.

Also hoping that the multiplayer setup for the game allows you to, you know, build Squadrons and do specific missions or relive famous stuff like the Battle of Yavin, where Luke Skywalker bravely took down the Death Star with his piloting skills and the Rogue Squadron.

So would you be joining the Empire or the Rebellion?

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