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Senator Zubiri reacts to controversial online seller taxation

Another PH senator has spoken up about the controversial online seller taxation topic which has been the rage all week.

So the tl;dr of this is that the PH government recently put into place ideas about having online seller taxation; this means that anybody who runs a business online, sell products online are required to pay taxes and fill out the necessary paperworks just like regular businesses or businesses that have physical stores.

This did not sit well with a lot of people as this would mean that should they sign up, they can now be easily tracked and charged by the government for not paying taxes. This would also mean that the small revenue or earnings that they get would be cut up even further because the government wants a slice of that cake.

So enter senator Miguel Zubiro who posted this on the subject…

he does make sense TBH, the whole issue of online seller taxation is something that can wait and pushed further down the road too. Also, Zubiri did make a solid point about the government not making any strong moves against POGO operators in Metro Manila.

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