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Trending: Here’s a list of what we can do during the GCQ or General Community Quarantine

While we still don’t know what will happen after May 15 when the ECQ or Extended Community Quarantine, there are several sources that shared details on what we should expect when we take the step down from ECQ to GCQ or General Community Quarantine. Check out the list below.

For starters it looks like the BPO industry can return to normal operations when we switch from ECQ to GCQ. Mining and quarrying is also set to return (booooo)

It also appears that most of the basic work will be returning to normal. I’m wondering though how transportation would work.

Remember before the lockdown happened, they were implementing social distancing in transportation like jeepneys and tricycles. Even UV Express vans which were usually jampacked were limited to just a handful per van/L300 per trip.

And now for the sectors not allowed to operate even during the General Community Quarantine due to the COVID-19.

So bloggers and Vloggers  like me won’t have much raket for the time being even beyond May 15 because of the GCQ. I’m all for it though because it doesn’t mean that the quarantine’s lifted and that would be the end of it. Just like at what happened during the second phase of the Spanish Flu outbreak decades ago.

Also yeah, stores that we frequent like Greenhills and Shopesville would still be closed during the GCQ, well part of it anyway. I’m sure Ace Hardware would be happy that they would be going back to operation once the ECQ is lifted. Barbers are also coming back. Huzzah!

So there you go. At least it’s clear what are open and what are closed and what activities are still not allowed. I am worried though about how this will be translated on the ground-level and how many more incidents could occur because of misunderstandings about these things. Hopefully there won’t be none of that anymore.

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