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The Last of Us Part II leaked story in less than 5 minutes

So apparently, fans are really angry over what Naughty Dog had done to the franchise and to complicate things, there are some disgruntled (or was that just one person) who leaked a lot of The Last of Us part II major spoilers due to pay issues/salary issues. So anyway, here’s the full gist of The Last of Us part ii story that was leaked 24 hours ago.

Oh and SPOILER ALERT. If its not obvious with the heading

spoiler alert photo

  • New character and villain “Abby” is the daughter of one of the surgeons who were supposed to examine Ellie back in TLOU. Added backstory is that she’s out for revenge against Joel and Ellie for her father and the Fireflies.
  • We already meet Jessie and Dina. They form a team with Ellie and are one of the settlement’s scouts that encounter the cult. Jesse is killed during the skirmish.
  • Ellie is pissed and angry. She goes to Seattle to get revenge.
  • Joel joins up with her on the way to Seattle.
  • Abby and her group intercept and in the fight manages to kill Joel and incapacitate Ellie.
  • Ellie escapes captivity, murders Abby’s group and escapes.
  • Second half of the game switches to Abby as you hunt and kill Ellie.
  • Ellie continues to hunt down the cult while Abby tracks down Ellie.
  • The ending sees the fight to the death.
  • You, the player, kills Ellie using Abby
  • There’s a realization that this is a circle of violence because Abby knows that Ellie’s friends would hunt her down soon.

Yeah that’s really the leak. It’s been confirmed by a lot of people to be accurate too. While I would still suggest you take this with a grain of salt, there’s evidence that what I wrote up top was legit because Naughty Dog even released a statement regarding this.

The Last of Us part 2 is scheduled for release June 2020! Follow me on Twitter to vent or share your thoughts on the game or the whole leaked at @thefanboyseo!

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