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Thanos Kills the Celestials

Revisiting the instant classic King Thanos storyline written by Donny Cates. For this post, we take a look at how Thanos kills the Celestials in the distant future.

So in the future, Thanos goes on a killing spree where he kills the X-Men, the Avengers and every known hero in the universe. Eventually he manages to kill powerful beings including Galactus. This murder eventually gets the attention of the Celestials who visit Earth for a showdown.

Some of the beings Thanos kills in the process includes Galactus, the Living Tribunal and the Watcher.

Thanos is prepared to fight the Celestials and does so with the Inhuman king, Black Bolt.

He has Black Bolt in chains and a big knife along with him. When the Celestials.arrive, Thanos ruthlessly stabs Black Bolt who is known to have a powerful voice in the universe.

Thanos stabs Black Bolt so hard that the scream he makes creates a huge blast.

The blast kills the Celestials but not Thanos which brings him one step closer to his goal.

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