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The Sad Fate of Billy Batson – DCeased Unkillables # 2 Spoilers

Check out more DCeased Unkillables # 2 spoilers featuring the sad fate of Billy Batson in the world of the “zombie” DC Universe!

This issue was also written by Tom Taylor and featured a fight between Batgirl Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva, who happens to be her mother. But for this DCeased Unkillables # 2 spoilers post, we’ll focus on one specific part of the issue.


spoiler alert photo

Here’s the tl;dr for the entire issue. Red Hood and his gang are holed up in an orphanage in Bludhaven. Deathstroke and his villains were in an island but had to evacuate when zombie Wonder Woman broke into the island. The surviving villains use Mirror Master’s powers to move to the orphanage where they strike an alliance with Jim Gordon and Jason Todd. Deathstroke orders his team to get rid of the zombies that have been barred into a specific room. In that same room apparently was Billy Batson aka Shazam.

Todd recognizes Billy Baatson but realizes that he’s no longer going to be Shazam, so they open fire at these children and adults who have been taken in by the Anti-Life equation.

Poor Billy Batson though. He could have done a lot of good especially in the fight against Superman.

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