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Here’s my review for Cable # 1 which was written by Gerry Duggan and art by Phil Noto from Marvel.

In this new volume of the solo ongoing, we catch up with the young version of Cable as he goes on a solo adventure which starts out in the island nation of Krakoa and goes to deep space and even the far-flung future.

The book is also loaded with guest stars from Cable’s daddy Cyclops to “Uncle” Wolverine to Galadorian spaceknights to an old and familiar face. That alone is a good way of spiking interest for the book.

Here’s a couple of things I loved about this book.

  • Young Cable is a teenager which means he’s got a fresh start for new readers. He’s also brash and a bit arrogant but at the same time very kind-hearted. Definitely a Cable I can get behind with.
  • I loved the flow of the story, going from Krakoa to space and the future. Of course, there’s a lot of exposition that comes in between but it works extremely well. This shows Duggan’s skill when it comes to handling one single character and jamming the issue with as much characters as he can. Fun stuff.
  • The action sequences are great to look at. Sadly its not as dynamic but it moves the story along nicely. Splash pages are all beautiful to look including that appearance of Hisako Ichiki aka Armor who I sorely missed since her appearance in Astonishing X-Men.
  • There’s a segment here where they reference things about the old Cable including his love of BFGs which is subverted into his fancying that big space sword.
  • Its also nice to see some Spaceknights from Galador in an X-Men book no less


Overall, Cable was a fun read for its initial run. Definitely worth because we have a fresh start for the future mutant whose only other appearance was that of Fallen Angels book. Its also a nice book to read because we dont have all that backstory for Cable that’s as convuluted as the Summers bloodline. We simply know that the old Cable is dead and that this one is off to forge his own destiny, after getting his dad back during the Age of X-Men storyline last year.


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