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McFarlane Toys Red Hood Unmasked Review

Here’s my Red Hood Unmasked Review under the DC Multiverse toy line from McFarlane Toys and DC Comics based on Red Hood’s New 52 appearance!

Check out some photos and the Red Hood Unmasked Review below!

Its a real bummer that we don’t get a good alternate head for this figure and that we have to spend around Php4000 to get the 2 pack which features the New 52 Nightwing (with the red color scheme instead of the blue). Also a little bummed about how tough it is to have the figure hold the crowbar. Fairly easy though to attach the two swords. The headsculpt is amazing and while the scale is a little messed up when you put Jason Todd beside the “Better than Batman” Nightwing, it’s still a treat to see these two brothers side-by-side.

Then it gets even more bat-citing to have them stand with their “dad” Batman in the middle. Just can’t figure which type of Batman would be good to take photos of, so I stuck with Detective Comics 1000 Batman for more accuracy.

Highest point of praise here I forgot to mention in the video is the how affordable this figure is. Less than Php1500 and you get an “OK” Red Hood figure sure is nice.

Red Hood Unmasked Review – Gallery

If there’s anythin I wish related to “Unmasked”, its that hopefully McFarlane Toys would re-release the original one with the mask on. Or maybe we should be waiting for the announced Three Jokers version which will also have Batgirl, Batman and the three different Jokers which appeared in the story written by Geoff Johns with art by Jason Fabok.

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