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Old Man Cable Returns – Cable # 1 Spoilers

Looks like our favorite grumpy old mutant is set to return in the Dawn of X era of X-Men books! Here’s a major Cable # 1 spoilers post which is out now in stores.

The book was written by Gerry Duggan and art by Phil Noto (which was extremely gorgeous too).

Spoiler alert!

spoiler alert photo

So there’s a whole major plot about young Cable and his involvement with formerly dead Spaceknights (as in Rom the Spaceknight) but the end of the book shows us a look into the future where a talking crab reigns supreme…

It looks like the crab was going to unleash a powerful attack but then its pincers gets shot to bits with a huge “Blam”. The crab is almost killed by the silhouette, who also seems to be looking for something or someone.

The final page in this Cable # 1 spoilers post reveals that Old Man Cable is once again alive and kicking somewhere far in the future.

Man, this was a surprisingly good book. I’ll do a separate review for this book tomorrow! Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more X-Men news and updates!

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