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There’s a Red XIII Plushie coming out soon based on Final Fantasy VII Remake

With the new Final Fantasy VII remake looming closer and closer, it was only a matter of time before we saw lots of new merch for the game. One such example is this new Red XIII plushie.

Red XIII is one of the game’s underrated characters to be honest. And he’s just so damn adorable especially in those flashback scenes which also features the death of his father in Cosmo Canyon.

Meanwhile the Red XIII plushie is currently on pre-order through a number of online stores and will be hitting our shores around April or May 2020.

The sad news is that this plushie is a bit pricey with a price tag of roughly Php3000.

It’s still hella cute and if I had money to spare after buying a PS4 and getting the game, I sure would get my hands on these. I also have to note that FFVII remake has been hyping things up right now between releasing a 5 minute opening video and some pun-y Valentine’s Day e-greeting cards.

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