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Final Fantasy VII Remake Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring Cloud, Tifa and a Chocobo!

As part of their social media presence, Square Enix and the mad lads in charge of Final Fantasy VII remake has shared three completely pun-y and cute Final Fantasy VII remake Valentine’s Day cards that you can send or print out.

I’m reposting all three of these Valentine’s Day cards in the size that I found them online; above you see protagonist Cloud Strife with a quote playing on his first name. Below we also have Tifa Lockhart…

tifa lockhart final fantasy vii remake

She’s soooooo cute! I may have to buy a new Playstation 4 just to get to play the game now.

Finally we also have another V-Day card featuring a Moogle and a Chocobo..

final fantasy vii remake valentines day cards (3)

You can also check out the 5-minute Final Fantasy VII remake opening below:


Adding a few more cards from the Facebook page this time including Barrett, Sephirothh, Ifrit and Shiva.


he game will be released April 2020 and will be an exclusive for the Sony Playstation 4.

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