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Geoff Johns Brings Back Superboy Prime in Shazam # 10

We all saw the teaser that DC Comics did with Superboy Prime and it looks like that inevitable clash between him and the Shazam family has begun in Shazam # 10.

Heads up there will be spoilers for Shazam # 10 by Geoff Johns and Scot Kolins and Dale Eaglesham below so spoiler alert.


In this issue, we find the new Shazam family battling King Kid from the Funlands. CC and Billy take out the nefarious kid and gets sent to the Wizard. Meanwhile Mr Mind and Sivana venture to the Monsterlands where they plan to raise an army of monsters who have beef with the Wizard.

During their walk around, Mind reveals that the Monsterlands was once the Godlands, the world where beings like Zeus and Solomon once lived.

During their conversation, Sivana also noticed a cell door that’s smaller than other cells. He notes that the person inside doesn’t care or need magic. Readers then find out who the man is inside the cell with the letter S on it.

Hot damn its really him. They really found a way to bring back Superboy Prime in a smart way. Credit that to Geoff Johns.

But why is he in Monsterlands? Who put him there? How did he get there? And just how can the Shazam family find a way to stop the raging fanboy when it took the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans all their might to stop him during Infinite Crisis.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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