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Absolute Carnage # 5 Spoilers – Dylan Can Kill Symbiotes

One of the highlights from the recently concluded Absolute Carnage # 5 miniseries was the reveal that Eddie Brock’s son Dylan actually posses the ability to “kill” symbiotes, a big subversion of what his biological father can do. Here are Absolute Carnage # 5 spoilers by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

Spoilers ahead…

spoiler alert photo

So in issue 5, we get to see Venom, now powered with the Avengers-flavored Codex symbiote battling Carnage which now is bonded with both the Carnage symbiote together with the Venom symbiote which the latter stole from Hulk. During the fight, Carnage cajoles Brock by saying that he will be killing Dylan. And when Spider-Man falls down at the hands of Osborn, Dylan and his friend Normie Osborn, its up to Dylan to take a stand.

Its here that Dylan’s eyes go black and red and the next thing we see is a splash page of Dylan disintegrating Red Goblin…

This doesn’t go well though as he’s knocked unconscious after this surprise attack.

The book ends with Venom successfully beating Carnage but at the same time dooms the world by unwittingly allowing the emancipation of the dark god Knull, who quickly beelines to Earth, being called by Brock and his Venom symbiote.

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